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Glowing Clear skin smoothie

Clear Skin Smoothie

Is your protein powder causing you to breakout? 

If you are using protein powders like me and are acne-prone, you will want to look out for these 3 ingredients, whey, dairy, soy. 

To get more into the science acne is caused by a range of four different factors: follicular occlusion (blockage of your pores), microbe overgrowth in the follicle (bad bacteria in the skin), sebum production or adding an edible oil to the follicle, and inflammation (but of course). Milk hormones increase the sebum production of the follicles, and whey increases insulin levels in the skin, which also increases sebum production, whey is one of the major proteins in milk which can clog pores by stimulating too much testosterone production. 

Instead of whey or soy protein, opt for pea, egg, or hemp protein. 

I recommend and use Orgain Organic Vanilla Protein powder. 

Here is my smoothie recipe for clear skin. 

🌱Ice, 3/4 -1 C. Frozen mixed berry blend from Costco. 
🌱Hand full of spinach, 

🌱 1/2 Banana ( optional) 
🌱2 scoops Orgain organic vanilla protein powder. 
🌱1 Tsp. Chia seeds, water and blend all together with lots of love❤️

Clear skin is possible my friends!!