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About Me

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Meet Angela

Introducing Angela, a beauty enthusiast whose journey into the world of skincare began with a personal struggle with acne in her teens and later in her late twenties. Armed with her California Esthetician license in 2004, Angela initially focused on facials within the bustling spas of Los Angeles, driven by her own experiences and passion for skincare. However, fate had other plans for Angela. A serendipitous interview at a renowned waxing spa shifted her focus. What she thought would be an opportunity in facials turned out to be her inaugural dive into the captivating realm of hair removal . Driven by her personal journey and passion, Angela's expertise in waxing swiftly flourished. For  dedicated years, she catered to the grooming needs of Hollywood's elite before embarking on a transformative vacation to Maui. Enchanted by the island's allure, Angela swiftly fell in love and, within a mere 34 days, decided to embrace the laid-back lifestyle of the tropics.

Angela achieved yet another milestone by securing her Hawaii Esthetician license. Her career flourished at renowned resorts like The Grand Wailea and The Montage, where she honed her skills and amassed invaluable experience in skincare treatments as well. Throughout her professional journey, Angela remained intimately connected to her own struggles and those of her clients. Her personal battle with acne fueled a steadfast dream — to establish her own sanctuary, a space where she could perfect her craft and generously share her expertise in skincare, waxing, and sugaring with others. And now, Angela's dream has blossomed into reality! Enter Sugar Mamma Studio, her enchanting haven nestled in the heart of Lahaina. More than just a culmination of her expertise, this studio is a jubilant celebration of beauty and skill. Here, clients are invited to experience the magic of Angela's artistry firsthand, as she crafts beauty with passion and precision, and a sweet experience with sugaring. Incorporating her personal journey with acne to provide tailored solutions and care for her clients' skin.

In 2023, Angela's dedication and talent were recognized when she won both the Best of Maui Hair Removal and Best Esthetician awards, further affirming her commitment to excellence.

From West Maui, February 2023:
For the Love of Sugar(ing): Angela Talamantez

Angela Talamantez is passionate about sugar. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that works wonders on your skin! Sugaring hair removal has a rich history spanning nearly 4,000 years. This natural hair removal method involves applying a paste made from sugar, lemon, and water to the skin to gently remove hair. Renowned for its gentle touch compared to traditional waxing, sugaring has become Angela's specialty.

Honored, thrilled, humbled…all of the emotions!!! 

So happy to announce that Sugar Mamma Studio has been awarded the “Best Hair Removal” and “Best Esthetician” recognition for the Best of Maui 2023💖

This wouldn’t have been possible without all of the support & love from my amazing clients!

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