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Down there care & gentle treatments for preventing ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are the absolute worst. They unexpectedly pop up out of nowhere, and if not treated correctly, the skin around the hair can become irritated. Most commonly, they are caused by too much dry & dead skin on the surface, causing a growing hair to change direction because it's too weak to push through the surface.

Try to exfoliate before and after your Brazilian waxing or sugaring. 

Your bikini area is prone to getting those annoying ingrown hairs after Brazilian waxing. Exfoliating your skin lightly before your next Brazilian wax appointment will aid in removing dead cells on your skin’s surface and allows hair to grow in the right direction.

Continue to exfoliate gently as long as the waxed area is not irritated or inflamed. This exfoliation aids your hair to grow in the correct direction (opposite of your skin direction) once it begins to come back. Every time you exfoliate, you are eliminating the dead skin cells and reducing pore blockage. 

Lightly exfoliating before your next wax or sugaring appointment. I highly recommend SE-Brazil Exfoliating Bar in a Jar, its a cleansing bar that provides double exfoliation ( Chemical and Mechanical exfoliation) this product works wonders & can be used every day. It's the perfect at-home exfoliating treatment for the most stubborn ingrown hairs, uncomfortable body acne ( butt, boob, chest acne ) as well as KP known as Keratosis Pilaris. Check out the ingredients that are in the bar in a jar

🌱 Salicylic Acid

🌱 Lavender Essential Oil

🌱 Lactic Acid

🌱 Shae Butter

🌱 Camphor Oil

🌱 Tea Tree Oil

I highly recommend not tweezing ingrown hairs in between waxing & sugaring appointments. This usually does more harm than good, as clients often tear their skin up trying to get the hair out, creating scarring and hyper-pigmentation. 

If you would like to make a sugaring appointment, or book a complimentary 20-minute skin consultation at Bare Maui Esthetics located inside the Beehive lash and brow bar in Lahaina Maui, HI or sign up for a virtual consultation you can book online here at

or call or text 818-515-0478. I look forward to meeting you soon. 

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